To Glorify God By Loving One Another
So That People Come To Know Jesus Christ Personally And Grow Together In Him

Purpose of the Roseville UB Church

The summary version of our church's purpose is
"to glorify God by loving one another so that people come
to know Jesus Christ personally and grow together in Him".

The more detailed version of our church's purpose is:

  1. To glorify God...
    • Worship: expressing love to God and exalting Christ through words, attitudes and actions
  2. by loving one another...
    • Fellowship: expressing love to one another by caring for, accepting and building meaningful relationships with one another
  3. so that people come to know Jesus Christ personally...
    • Outreach: expressing love to those around us and around the world who haven’t experienced God’s love; praying and looking for opportunities to share our faith and to lead them to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. and grow together in Him.
    • Discipleship: speaking the truth in love, we help one another reach maturity in our walk of faith and our obedience to Christ
    • Ministry: expressing love through service; equipping each one and using our gifts and abilities to serve the Lord and one another
  5. Furthermore: We desire to be a family friendly church that takes children and youth seriously and strives to bring them to faith and build into them godly values and character. We believe children have gifts and abilities, and should be encouraged to use them.
OUR LOCATION: 2729 Fischer-Hallman Road, R.R. #1, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0, Phone: 519.696.3005 wheelchair accessible