To Glorify God By Loving One Another
So That People Come To Know Jesus Christ Personally And Grow Together In Him

Core Values

Our core values identify what is most important to us
as we follow Jesus:

1.  Passion for God:  Jesus said,
"Love the Lord You God with all you heart, with all your soul,
and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment."
(Matthew 22:37,38)
  God wants more than our assent that He exists or even a like on facebook.  God wants us to enter into
a passionate, personal relationship with Him, to love Him!!  That is our first Core Value because Jesus said it is the most important thing!

2.  Love for Neighbours:  Jesus continued, saying, "the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself." All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”(Matthew 22:39,40)
  Jesus commanded us to love one another, to be devoted to one another, to love not only those who love us but those who would be considered our enemies too!  Loving those around us, including social concern for the poor, needy, oppressed, marginalized, has always been a part of our DNA, from taking a stand against slavery to standing up for women's rights and much more.  Love for neighbours is a driving force behind who we are and what we do!

3. Unity in Diversity:  "Make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."  (Ephesians 4:3)  God has made each of us unique, with varied talents, gifts, abilities, background, heritage and even interpretations of spiritual truth. He expects us to work together, in spite of our differences to fulfill His purposes for us and for the world. We stand firm on Biblical absolutes but allow freedom where the Bible allows it and seek to maintain unity when disagreements arise.

4.  God's Word for Direction:  All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  (2 Timothy 3:16,17)  There are many sources of wisdom and guidance for life but the Bible, the Word of God, is our ultimate authority for discerning God's will for our lives or for living a life that pleases God and is ultimately best for us.

5.  Transformation for All:  Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. The old life is gone. A new life has begun. (2 Cor. 5:17)  Jesus came to offer us hope for despair, joy for sorrow, healing for our brokenness, life for death, love for loneliness and so much more.  The most important truth in the Bible is that God loves us and wants us to know and love Him.  When we grasp that truth and ask Jesus for His forgiveness, love and leadership for our lives a transformation begins.  In that moment we are born of the Spirit of God into the family of God, we cross over from death to life through placing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and we receive the gift of eternal life.  The process of transformation continues for the rest of our days as we grow in our relationship with God, but it begins in an that initial instant.  We believe it is our task to tell others the Good News of God's love which is available to everyone, but how will they know if we don't tell them?  

If you'd like to know more about beginning a personal relationship with God or placing your faith in Jesus feel free to call or email Pastor Randy 


Here are a couple of other important values beyond our 5 core values:

  1. We adhere to the United Brethren Confession of Faith
    adopted in 1815
    • The Triune God: the Father, the Son and the
      Holy Spirit
    • Jesus Christ, the Son, both very God and man
    • The Holy Sprit; comforter and guide
    • A Holy Christian Church, the communion of saints, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting
    • We believe that the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the Word of God and contains the only true way to our eternal salvation
    • We believe that the salvation message contained in the Bible should be preached throughout the world
    • The Christian ordinances of Baptism and Communion are to be practiced by all Christians
  2. We preserve our Christian witness.  Jesus was said to be full of grace and truth.  We believe that our lifestyles need to reflect God's love, concern and character to other people. For that reason, we will make choices to behave in certain ways or participate or not participate in certain activities, which identify us as Christians and protect the integrity of Christ's church.  While we resist legalistic rules, we value a lifestyle which honors Christ in the eyes of others, both Christians and non-Christians. 
  3. We protect the family.
    • God initiated the family as our main social unit and it needs to be regulated by God’s Word.
  4. We esteem each other.          
    • We are a connected church and we believe that if we cooperate with each other we can collectively accomplish more for the Kingdom of God than we could individually by ourselves.
  5. We are a family friendly church.
    • We believe that young adults, youth and children have gifts and abilities they can use to serve, honour and glorify God and we encourage them to get involved and use their gifts for God's glory!
  6. We link with the larger Christian Church.
    • We value connections with Christians outside of the United Brethren family.  We are part of the Ayr and New Dundee ministerial groups, cooperating on several projects.
OUR LOCATION: 2729 Fischer-Hallman Road, R.R. #1, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0, Phone: 519.696.3005 wheelchair accessible